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Bin Laden

 Bin Laden Biografi

Born in 1957 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Yemeni father and mother originally from Syria. He was the son of humble dock worker who managed to become the largest contractor in Saudi Arabia. The father of Osama bin Laden, Sheikh Muhammad bin Laden, architect engineer and according to some sources, as other simple peasant, left his home province of Hadramut, in central Yemen, in the early twenties. Apparently, he settled in Hejaz, Saudi Arabia, in 1932. There he made a colossal fortune thanks to its relations with the Saudi royal family, who commissioned many public works, and excelled as a businessman rigorous and honest. His mother is said, was not the favorite wife of Muhammad bin Laden, who had 54 children by 11 wives. One of them was Osama bin Laden. Osama, who was educated by private tutors, had a golden childhood and youth, rubbing shoulders with the sons of the Saudi princes.
When Muhammad bin Laden died in a helicopter crash in 1968, all his vast industrial empire passed to his children. Osama, age 13, inherited $ 80 million. During his studies at the University of Jeddah, bin Laden was influenced by one of his teachers, the Islamic fundamentalist Sheik Abdullah Azzam, committed to the liberation of the Islamic cause and encouraging foreign domination of Muslim youth to return to the strict tenets of the Islamic faith. In 1979, after completing their studies at the university (obtained at the University of Jeddah an engineering degree after five years of study), he joined the staff of engineers in the family business.
Since 1979, Osama Bin Laden began to give importance to religion, no doubt in reaction to the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. That same year the Islamic revolution swept the Shah's regime in Iran and the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. His career was cut short, Osama left the company to join the armed movement that fought the Russian military presence in Afghanistan, following the call of jihad, holy war.

  Bin Laden DEAD

The United States ended its worst nightmare. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Developed over many years, studied at millimeter in recent months, an operation by U.S. special forces elite Navy Seals has ended the life of the leader of Al Qaeda. This was announced at around half past eleven pm on Sunday (half past five in the morning on Monday in Spain) U.S. President, Barack Obama. The agents shot dead the leader of Al Qaeda in the town of Abottabad, 80 kilometers from Islamabad in northern Pakistan, in an operation in which there were no U.S. casualties. On the day following the announcement in his second appearance since the operation took place in a tribute to two soldiers killed in the Korean War, Obama said: "It'sa great day for America, the world is safer and better because of the death of Osama Bin Laden. "
10 years after the 11 S

The death of the father of international Islamic terrorism comes 10 years after the attacks in New York. Eliminate Osama bin Laden had become an obsession for the United States and had been subjected to numerous international operations. It was speculated on several occasions with his death and offered millions in rewards for any clue to his whereabouts, but bin Laden was there, present in the nightmares of Washington.

For U.S. pride was a wound too deep knowing the whereabouts of a tall, lanky 54-year, usually portrayed holding a Kalashnikov in his left arm. Almost an old man leaning on a cane, he slept on the floor of a cave and ate vegetables, yogurt, soup and bread Afghanistan.

Although three years did not appear in public, Bin Laden was still a symbol. The man who had accomplished what a decade ago seemed a chimera internationalize jihad and spread terror through alliances with partners around the world. Dozens of local cells, inspired by Bin Laden's speech, torment intelligence chiefs from several continents.

"I'm here to become a witness of history. My boyfriend will be sent overseas with the Marines next week. That's why I'm so proud of what has made ​​our Army", had elated at the gates of the White House, Laura Vogler, a student at American University in Washington. The celebrations for the death of Bin Laden were taken near the White House.

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