martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Xbox 360 S !!!!

3 things are imposing and stand above all. First the console, there is no doubt, focused and very large.

Second, the capacity of your HDD, 250GB. And last and most important for Microsoft in this second stage of life, for your console.Kinecta direct connectivity.
Undoubtedly, Microsoft focused on the customer, the new 360 very differently than it did 5 years ago. I'm not going to cheat, I have 5 years with the Xbox 360, we all knew a month ago.And to have this box in front of you, is as exciting as the first day that you think if we open and see all that content.Promoting the integrated WiFi N, Xbox Live and Home Guide.

                                                                         It's time ...

                                                                      Let there ... 

A s you can see, we have gone from matte black or white, a black lacquer (very bright and colorful), which inevitably reminds us of the first version of PS3.Once connected, it is beautiful and unsurpassed elegance.In terms of size, is smaller yes, but it is a bit tricky.With the new interior of the console, the hard drive is now in, but the trick is that it is more deeper, and thus what we have taken high, we have put in the background.But like that once you have connected not noticed, is smaller.Let that Slim is, look, everywhere you look.And we'll keep looking at it, who will say no.

Howrah is the turn of the accessory.

Since the title says the clause.
Are minute details, to refresh the image of what is already known.The first change is for the wireless controller.The differences with the version control of Elite / Pro / Arcade.Would be the analog and crosshead, which have gone from gray to be completely black.And the Xbox symbol (guide button), a chrome, very successful.

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  1. seriously??when is it comming out?expecting delays..

  2. controller is a bit more aesthetically pleasing..still doesn't make me want to jump up and buy one.

    Props for being named Carles, haha.