martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

ANALYSIS---Crackdown 2---

Crackdown 2 comes as a sequel far, after many years since he became a successful project that the Agency within the private security service in the city, re-establish traditional values of recruitment, although they were some technological inputs. But this situation seems to have enjoyed a revolutionary group called "The Cell" and to make matters worse, at night, a series of mutant monsters emerge from the underground to conquer the city ... that is why the Agency takes the use of these SuperAgent ... and we arrived.

GraphicsGames ruffian has surprised us, in a controversial manner, by using CellShadding technology, the technology used for games anime atmosphere, or to provide comic atmosphere. Undoubtedly, the first game did not look very slick, and it is possible that many expect from this game a dramatic title, this decision can use this little tool is supported, but the result is really curious, and has a certain charisma to it.

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