jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Wii Party

If there is a type of game that I missed it on the Wii, those are the titles "party." Since its release, the home console Nintendo has excelled in providing close multiplayer fun, fun for the whole family.
However, there is always time to improve after approaches as remarkable as those in Mario Party, WarioWare, the friendly Rabbids, Let's Tap or Boom Blox, among others.And that's why Wii Party appears likely the game "party" for final machining of Kyoto. In Japan and has sold over a million copies, a benchmark, although I am sure you would rather know that the work comes in a box bigger than normal, as it includes a free gift wiimote have any bearing on the final price (50 euros). A resounding success by Nintendo.
Although not unique. Wii Party also has a tremendous quality within the genre of mini-games, with a proposal just perfect for up to four users to share hilarious evenings sitting around the TV. A great alternative not just for rainy days (as they say), but also for those moments of meeting family or friends. Really, nowadays there is nothing better in white to enjoy in the company Nintendo.

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  1. whats up with the damn elevator music and terrible actors/actresses?!

  2. wii is amazing, but a playstation move is better, most precise